Welcome to the Minegamez Factions information page! Here you'll be able to read and hopefully understand some more information about Factions and how it works.

Factions is a popular team-based, PvP orientated gamemode where you claim land, build a base with your friends, and raid other factions. We have several awesome features such as custom enchantments and a handy shop GUI. Compete with other factions and strive to become the top faction.


/faction create [new faction] to create a new Faction

/faction join [faction] - to join an existing Faction

/faction leave - to leave your Faction

/faction disband - to disband your Faction

/faction options (option|list) (value) - manage your Faction's settings

/faction ally [faction] - request an alliance with a Faction

/faction enemy [faction] - remove alliance with a Faction

/faction invite [player] - invite a player to your Faction

/faction promote/demote [player] - change a player's title in your Faction

/faction sethome - set your Faction home

/faction power (faction) - shows a Faction's power

/faction home - go to your Faction home

/faction info [player] - get info about a player

/faction list - list all Factions

/faction notifications - view your notifications

/faction claim/unclaim - claim or unclaim land for your Faction

/faction map - shows the status of claim or unclaimed terriroty (BETA)