Welcome to the Minegamez Network Rules page! Here you'll be able to read and hopefully understand our rules and guidelines.

No advertising - Advertising other servers or websites is not allowed. Please only share links that relate to the The Minegamez Network. Any form of sharing other links will result in you being banned.

No spamming - Spamming is the unnecessary repeating of words or letters.

No Swearing - Swearing of any kind is absolutely forbidden, since their is a wide range of ages that play on the Network.

No griefing - Griefing is ruining other people's buildings or stuff. Please make sure to stay away from anything you don't own.

No disrespect - Disrespecting people is rude, and against our rules. We take disrespect very seriously. Please watch your tone of voice and the things you say.

No racisim - Making negative comments towards other races is unacceptable. On and at the Minegamez Network, we treat everyone fairly, and you should too.

No Nazi symbols - Nazi symbols or discussion of nazis is absolutely forbidden.

No nudity - Nudity of any kind is forbidden on the Minegamez Network. Do not make nude buildings or use nude skins.

No exploiting - Secretly abusing exploits is not allowed. Using exploits for an unfair advantage on our Network is forbidden.

No caps - Using CAPS is unnecessary spam of capital letters. When chatting, use words with ALL CAPITALS very sparingly.

No minimodding - Mini-modding occurs when you try to enforce upon other players the rules. Stop trying to correct people's behavior. You're not a staff member, so let the staff handle it. They know what to do.

No hacking - Do not use any client modifications! Optifine is acceptable. Any questions regarding this topic, please contact a staff member.

English only - Please speak English and only English while on the Minegamez Network.

No roleplaying - Please do not roleplay on the Minegamez Network.